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HI I am pandian, from India I am a t.v mechanique in 1987. Now I am in 58 so I am unable to continue my job , but at present I did my best in my home with the help of my desktop.

 I am in social media like face book, you tube, twitter and website. I have a genuine person because I test everything before posting it.
 I want a loyal visitors for my site so I don’t post any fake news, good visitors and followers leads to a good site, that’s what I believe in. 
I am a yoga master and in free time I teach yoga for children. Pondi govindan is completely about how to earn mobile online money, only few are aware of how to make money in online using the internet in India that why I am trying to teach how to earn money without Falling in Victim to Fraud.

 There are so many people who graduate every year and many of people who all are struggling to lead their life with low salaries to lead their life with low salaries so decided to teach
 every one the way to earn money through internet.

 If they learn to make money online, they can earn some money in their Free time and I can also teach them to take it to the next level of online earning.
Pondigovindan was first started as a you tube channel 1year ago, it gained many viewers and subscribers, so I wanted to take it to the next stage and so I created blogs and that has led to this site 
one day pondigovindan will have viewers than any other site in the web and for that I’ll need all of your help in return I’ll help you to earn money through the internet. 

If you need to ask any questions regarding this feel Free to comment or contact as through any of the social sites like Face book, twitter, what’s app and you tube.

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