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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

/ Benefits of Padma Pujangasana

Benefits of Padma Pujangasana

Benefits of Padma Pujangasana
Benefits of Padma Pujangasana

Benefits of women doing pujangasana 

Yogasana gives benefits of every kind to every organ and every cell in the body. Bhujang means snake. Asana is the method of doing. Bhujangasana means bending like a snake. This is the most suitable yoga for women.
 Let's see how to do it. Usually most women suffer from back pain after the baby is born. If they do this asana twice daily in the morning and evening, it will strengthen the spine and solve the problem of back pain. 
Asana method: First spread a blanket on the floor. Do not do yoga on the floor alone. Should now be disposed of. Place your palms on your head and on the floor. The toes should slide to the floor. The heels should be as seen from the sky. Keep the mind relaxed. Breathe deeply. 
This is where it all starts. Now slowly lower your palms and lift your head upwards. Bend back as far as you can.
Keep the hips up to the floor. Sit up straight without bending your arms. This stage is the snake stage. Now breathe slowly. 15 seconds should remain the same. Its Then get back to the old level again. Do this five times. 
 Benefits of Yogasana: This asana gives amazing benefits for women. Strengthens the spine. Get rid of constipation. Relieves back pain and hip pain. 
 Reduces waist fat. Increases blood flow. Gives strength to the shoulder and back. 
Focus on the abdomen and trunk and the agna or swatishta chakra. 
 But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. For some, the heels may slip off when the back and head are bent backwards. 
 It is easy to do asana if you stay away like that. But instead of doing so you should try to keep the heels together and practice. Keep the knees tight 
Bhujangasana stimulates the whole of our abdomen. Thus it helps our digestive system to function smoothly.
It is an excellent asana to remove constipation. 
Yoga believes that constipation is the root cause of many diseases, including obesity. There are many benefits to resolving constipation.
Increases the flexibility of the spine. It is very useful to use as a solution to the spine problem. 
They help to prevent menstrual problems by keeping the female reproductive organs functioning smoothly. 
The neck, arms and chest are strengthened in the pujangasana. The hip is stabilized. Doing this regularly on a daily basis will keep the body healthy. 
 The method stated here refers to what needs to be done initially. We have to keep increasing the number every day. 
Benefits of Padma Pujangasana

. How to do pujangasana to cure your neck pain and back pain? 
Doing Bhujangasana daily will reduce neck pain, middle back, back and lower back pain. Let’s see how to do this asana. 
Spread a rug evenly over the floor. 
Lay the trash on the floor. Hands should be kept on the floor. Keep the palms pressed to the floor. 
Then slowly raise your head to inhale. The back of the back. 
Be curved and eyes should be towards the sky. 
In this condition the suffocation may last up to 10 seconds. Then release the breath. 
It can be difficult to do in the beginning, but can be done if you slowly bend your back and take regular training. 
Then the body should be brought back to normal. The arms can be folded so that the body is back on the ground. 
You can do this asana again after you get some rest. 
The same can be done in the morning and evening. Can be done 2 times to three times. 

Benefits of Pujangasana: 

Cures various ailments such as asthma, lung weakness, and runny nose. 
You can do this asana to strengthen the kidneys. 
Helps a lot to fix pregnancy related problems for women. This asana is a solution to many problems such as whitening, postponement of menstruation, or premature ejaculation, abdominal pain during menstruation. 
Immunity is readily available. 
The constipation problem resolves quickly. 

Important Note: 

This asana should be done patiently and relaxed. 

Absolute stage does not come at the initial stage.
So if you keep doing it for a month then you will get used to it well. 
For those who have back pain and spinal cord injury, doing this asana after consulting a doctor is detrimental.
This asana quickly cures normal neck pain, back pain caused by sitting in offices and driving long distances. 
It also removes defects in the bones of the neck, middle back and lower back. 
Benefits of Padma Pujangasana
 Pujangasana to solve thyroid problem !!! 
Lay the heel on top of the rug and bring the two heels together as one. 
 The palms should rest on the mat, with the palms facing away from the chest. 
 Slowly inhale and lift the head so that the arms are seated and bend backwards. 
 Breathing should be brought back to normal for 10-15 seconds.
 Do this three times. 
 It is the best exercise for the spine, the main organ that supports the body. 
 Helps to relax and stretch the abdominal and chest muscles. 
. The upper back and neck muscles are flexed and good blood flow is obtained. 
 The spinal nerves and the fleshy spheres associated with it gain vigor and strength. 
 Good training for the neck is a good solution to the thyroid problem. 
 Our hands get good strength. 
 Goon spine straight and get good health. 
 Make the face look glamorous.

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