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Thursday, August 13, 2020

/ Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis

Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis

 Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis

Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis

Yoga poses benefits from stomach ulcers and dysfunction intestinal disorders. The discipline of practitioners with an understanding of yoga beyond the obvious physical benefits has many more subtle hidden effects on the overall system. It understands that.


 Although yoga poses for stomach ulcers are often considered an exercise method to increase memory, yoga is beneficial for peptic ulcer and other gastrointestinal disorders.


 Understanding of yoga line practitioners We understand that discipline has many more subtle hidden effects on the overall system.


Massage of organs.


Improved glandular functions.

Acid production is low.


 Since it is not closely linked, the yoga pose for comes as quite a surprise in being a potential treatment and maintenance option.


Healing Ulcers through Yoga


If you follow daily yoga to get permanent treatment, you should additionally make big changes in your diet.


Yoga techniques can be useless if you continue to eat bad food.


You will find dietary recommendations for the patient. Now we will look at the benefits of yoga with yoga techniques that can help you cure your condition.


 Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis



The pranayama technique in yoga refers to the largest set of breathing exercises. The exercises are very effective.


When you do pranayama, you have to take care of yourself without bothering yourself. Do these exercises very slowly, honestly and in a good mood.


The sore heals when you exercise. Think about that. The pranayama techniques you perform include the following.


Pastrika Pranayama

Kabalapati Pranayama

Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama

Agniser Kriya

Nadi Sodhana

Bahya Pranayama

Pramari Pranayama


Read this article carefully for instructions on how to do these techniques.


Yoga Asanas for Ulcers:


This can prove that the following yoga asanas are very beneficial for those affected by the problem.


Bhujangasana Instructions.

Methods of irrigation.

Uttan Badasan Instructions.

Pawan Muktasana.

Paul Sana Instructions.


Important dietary recommendations for ulcer patients

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water following pranayama and other asanas as mentioned.


 Do pranayama and asana slowly without pressing and without hurting yourself.


Eat raw foods such as fruits or raw vegetables and breast for breakfast.


Eat a light lunch and dinner.

Eat raw vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, carrot, flax seeds, fresh sprouted green beans in salad form.

You can also consider using whole sesame, sunflower seeds and olive oil in the salad.

Leave the stomach empty between meals.


If you feel very hungry, it is better to eat raw vegetables, sprouted green beans or nuts in moderation.


Eat at the same time every day. Similarly go to bed at the same time every night and do this early if possible.


Always drink water at room temperature,

 But do not drink too much cold water from the refrigerator.


Alcohol, tea, coffee, spicy, fried, foods. Yogurt Processed pasture milk and dairy products, processed foods including refined sugary sweeteners and processed foods, processed fruit juices, soft drinks containing ventilated baking soda, coconut water and sour or spicy salty foods.


Reduce or stop consuming starchy foods such as rice, wheat and bread. These foods are difficult to digest and increase stomach acidity.


If you cannot explain these foods, never mix them with meat. In other words, do not eat meat with rice and wheat bread in the same meal.


You can eat fresh organic meat in moderation without overcooking or overcooking the meat.


When you eat, chew the food slowly before eating and swallow, and mix with saliva before eating.


Do not drink water immediately before or after meals. Adequate rest should be given one hour before meals before drinking water.


Eat fruits only on an empty stomach. It is better if your stomach is empty at least two hours before you eat the fruit and not after the meal.


 Do not take any pain relievers as this will make the condition worse.

This type of stomach ulcer is found in most people and can be a hereditary disease.

It causes imbalance by the normal digestive cycle.


This can lead to constipation, abdominal pain and other problems. These pongals create a burning sensation in the interior lighting of the body.


 And increase acidity and gastric upset. It can last for several days if left untreated.


It can be treated medically, but taking yoga exercises regularly on a daily basis can help provide a definitive good treatment for the disease.


 The most common type of ulcer is peptic ulcer. It causes pain and a lot of discomfort. These ulcers are considered as painful ulcers of the stomach and upper small intestine.


Ulcer Symptoms Most People Have Different Differences Some people have no symptoms while others have none.

 Symptoms Continuous pain Burning sensation in the stomach Nausea and vomiting Swelling after eating and in severe cases there are a lot of treatments that can be described or eliminated as appetite and weight loss We can use this through natural methods like using natural herb.


  Yogasanas to treat peptic ulcer and colitis

Aloe vera is sweet and anti-inflammatory.

Lyco Rice Mindfulness Speaks and increases the body’s death cycle.


Both Oregon grapes and barberry contain beriberi products that fight bacteria.

 Astragalus can be used to treat your ulcers for many years.

 It is a kind of herb

RAN can help prevent further infections in the stomach.


Cabbage juice, which is high in killer diamond, works against ulcers.

Yellow reduces the high acidity in the stomach.

Cats' nails It is a tree that reduces the swelling of sores.

H rhubarb, which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the stomach.

Good as a pain reliever for lawns and thorns.

What causes peptic ulcer.


It is found in most people with a strong family history of ulcers.

 It corrects the family trend, the psychic and pranayama kosha organ in the mind it is the annamaya kosa


All the other factors mentioned in the list are stimuli that cause imbalances by reducing the number of defenders or increasing the number of occupiers.

Enjoy food from the deeper layers.



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