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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

/ When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

Human life the destruction of man is caused by both natural ecosystems. This leads to human extinction, leading to infectious diseases such as Govt-19 the increasing number of rats, bats and other animals carrying these diseases. A detailed analysis is found here.

The study assesses approximately 7,000 animal communities on 6 continents. We know that the conversion of wild places into agricultural lands or settlements often destroys large organisms, while the damage benefits small, more informative organisms that carry more pathogens that can transmit to humans. That's what it detects. It is estimated that these areas are 2.5 times larger than the population of animals known as genetic diseases and that the rate of organisms carrying these pathogens has increased to 70% when occurring with undamaged ecosystems.

When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

Humans are highly affected. H. I. V. Diseases of wild animals such as Zika, SARS and Nipah virus are destroying humans. Similarly, since the onset of the corona virus infection today, there have been a series of warnings from the UN and the World Health Organization. The cause of these eruptions is the destruction of nature and the world must deal with everything, not just health and economic advice.

Covid-19 epidemic in June Oh. S. In April, the world's leading biodiversity experts said that if nature's conservation, more deadly diseases could erupt, it could lead to a change in the number of animals in the wild as the world's population and consumers grow. The book first shows disease surveillance and health care scientists commenting on areas that are degrading to nature.

When people go in, for example, and turn a forest into farmland, they are more likely to be in contact with an animal when they are sick of what they are doing carelessly.

 Redding said the costs of the disease are not taken into account when deciding to change natural ecosystems. You have to spend more money on hospitals and treatments. A recent report estimates that just 2% of the cost of the Govt-19 crisis will help prevent future infectious diseases for a decade.
When we destroy nature deadly diseases develop by animals

The Covit-19 epidemic has alarmed the world of the threat posed by zoonotic diseases to humans, "said Richard Astfeld in a keynote address on Nature at the Carrie Institute of Ecosystem Studies in the United States and Felicia Keising at Bart College in the United States.

With this recognition comes the widespread misconception that wild nature is the greatest source of biological disease. They said (this research) provides an important correction. The biggest biological threats are emerging where natural areas have been transformed into arable lands, pastures and urban areas. The patterns discovered by researchers are astonishing. 

Creatures like banks and bats simultaneously post most pathogens to thrive in ecosystems damaged by humans because they are small mobile adaptations and produce numerous offspring in detail Final example Reddy said these fast-living species have an awful strategy with a higher survival rate than each of them The advantage is that they are investing relatively little in their immune systems.

 The most robust and informative immune system is born human Analysis has shown that small problem birds and disease birds in habitats affected by activities such as birds may have been reservoirs of diseases such as the West virus and a type of chicken guinea virus.


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