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Thursday, August 27, 2020

/ Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana

Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana


Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana

Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana

his ion: ‘Sarva’ means everything. ‘Anga’ means body part. This asana is called ascetic because all the organs benefit from the increased blood flow to the endocrine glands like thyroid, para thyroid, pituitary which play an important role in the body movement in this asana exercise.

Recipe: Lie on your back and place both legs together. Stretch out so that both hands are close to the body. Let the palms rest on the floor.

 Inhale in this position. Fold the legs as you exhale and bring the abdomen to the knees and lift the back off the floor.

Raise the legs. At the same time sit your elbows well on the carpet and hold the pubic part with both palms and lift the knees above and straighten the legs.

Move your legs down from the high back and place your palms behind your chest so that your body weight is the same in both hands.

Keep the legs in a relaxed position without keeping them stiff. Let the jaw imprint on the chest. Stay in this position for 3 to 5 minutes with normal breathing and practice as much as possible (a few seconds) during the initial workout.

 Then bend the legs and slide the buttocks down with the hands and stretch the arms and legs straight and go to the supine position.

People with low curvature of the neck and back and obese people should practice the above method.

 As you progress to the point where you can lift your body up without bending your arms, bring your legs behind your head without bending your knees and lift your legs up and do the squat. The legs should die down without bending even when the exercise is over.

Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana

Where to focus: The focus should be on keeping the throat, neck and body weight equally on both shoulders, keeping the body relaxed, and on the viscous wheel.

1. Exercise Tip: When lowering the body, lower the back and lower the legs without lifting the head above the carpet.

2.Prohibition: Circumcision should not be performed if there are any defects such as inflammation of the liver, spleen and larynx, neck nerve disorder, neck surgery, high blood pressure, heart disease, too many hot-blooded eyes, dislocated disc, very contaminated blood in the body.

 Helps in the development of adolescents like good nutrition. Increasing the body's immune system. Thyroid, parathyroid, makes the gland function well. Eliminates malfunctions in printers.

 And stimulates the thymus gland to function. Eliminates various ailments and makes the psyche more. Memory increases.

 The voice resource will be better. Helps with colds, coughs, nerve weakness, chest pain, sore throat, sore throat, headaches, flatulence. Very effective for asthma and diabetes

For women this asana helps to eliminate various ailments and helps a lot in correcting menstrual disorders.Women's diagnostic means Sarvangasana

Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana


Lie on your back with the arms and legs relaxed, then bend your legs at the ankles and lift your hips (upwards) to support your hips.

.Bring both knees close to the forehead. The feet should be towards the top.

Small blood clots in the uterus disappear. Toxic blood is excreted without stagnation. Menstrual cramps do not occur.

 Excessive shedding, which does not occur, can lead to premature menstruation. All intestinal upsets will Doing this asana helps the thyroid gland to function properly as more blood is pumped to the throat area.

The circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and excretory system function better.

Corrects kidney disorders and treats urinary disorders and anemia. Very useful for cleansing the blood.

Skin diseases heal quickly. Helps to correct ear, nose and throat disorders.

Reduces body weight. As well as adding enough weight to a low body weight. Wrinkles on the skin of the face, and exfoliation and stretch marks add to the youthfulness.

Controls hair loss and puberty.

 Helps to quickly cure asthma nasal congestion, shortness of breath and lung disorders, liver disorders, intestinal valve disease, constipation, intestinal hernia, diabetes, varicose veins, insomnia, heel pain and foot related diseases.

Uses and Benefits of Sarva Asana


It is not advisable to do this asana when you have high blood pressure.

This asana is not good to do even when there are disorders in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.l be eliminated and hernia will be prevented. This is an important seat for women.

Sarvangasana for all the organs to function well

 Let's do asana everyday and live a healthy life -

This odor helps the thyroid gland to function properly. The body will lose more obesity.

Always youthful

May you live forever with youth. Eliminates masculinity disorder. Eliminates infertility in women

The child is blessed

The child will be blessed. The menstrual problem of women will disappear. The uterus also solidifies to strengthen.


Lungs work well to control dehydration. Protect the heart. Eliminates the gas problem


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