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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

/ Meditation is a time before astrology

Meditation is a time before astrology

Meditation is a time before astrology

Meditation is a time before astrology

With the aid of a variety of scientific machines, they are being diagnosed with diseases. It is amazing to note that the time and the way to cure all the illnesses of the disease and the disease of the human being,

Our ancient texts contain various mysterious astrological information related to medical treatment. Our ancestors have been able to observe and explore
We also know some of the information that was recorded.

Astrological properties of the disease.

1. Planet in space
2.  pavatipati
3. Other planets to see the form
4. Other planets that see the viewer
5. 6 The nature of the nature of sin is Saturn and Mars
6. The strength and weakness of the President
7. The strength and weakness of the lake
8. Chandren's position
9. There is a sinister yoga in the asurpur on both sides of the          temple and the laknat
10. Assur in trace and triangles.

Start treatment

Long-term illnesses are the perfect stars that start their treatment.
Ashwini, Rohini, to mirukacir, punarpucam, pucam, timber, uttaratam,
Uthirabhadra, astam, Apr, Swathi, anusam, Thiruvonam, avittam,
Sattam, Revathi, 16 stars.

Signs of the disease of the disease:

Sun: Fever, heart disease, ophthalmic, palpitations, bone disorders, skin problems, bone fracture, pine related, head baldness.

Moon: Lung disease, heart disease, vomiting, blood cancer, tumors, cancer, diarrhea, insomnia, mental health, tuberculosis, uterine disease and menstrual disorders.

 Tuesday: Blood-related diseases, hypertension, cancer, epilepsy, pine-related illnesses, shells.

Venus: Diseases related to diabetes, face-to-face diseases, eye diseases, kidney diseases, blood cholesterol, phytosanitary diseases, white-born diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

Saturn: arthritis, abdominal disease, mental illness, diseases of the foot, muscle, baldness, and nervous diseases.

Rahu: Diseases of the skin, dermatitis, asthma, cancer, allergy, and diseases of the worms in the soil are nervous diseases.

Ketu: Diseases of mental illness, stomach disease, tumors, low blood pressure, diseases of the worms, and anthrax.

If you are suffering from panchangal nutrients and treatments on Sunday and Sunday, it is necessary to have a continuous treatment if your body is sick on the day of triumph,

Similarly, if you are suffering from ill health, you should look for medicine.

Tuesday - Navy-Kattai-Swathi, Bharani

Saturday - Chathurthi - Pooram - Puramattam - Poorattatti
Also, the death of one of the stars or the stars in the days when the star is at 3.5, 7,

Treatment stars

Monday - Asthma

Wednesday - Aswini



These days or star days are ideal for treatment

The Moon, Wednesday, Guru, Sukran, are in their own self, and Chara Rasi, Udaya Lakanam or Pallava.

Those who suffer from typhoid fever can start treatment on the day of Navami, Chaturthi, Chaturthi and Acid Day on the day of the day. But the current star, Bharani, Thiruvadiyar, should not be the same.

Disease in the days of Yoga Yoga
He will definitely be healed.

How do you know Ukraine?

The stars of the night-the rays
The day of joining is a day of business.

Star tidy

1. Rokini, Thirty, Navami
2. Chutter
3  tiruvonam, Panchami
To 4mirukacir, casti
5  revati, Sapthami
6  kiruttikai, Navami
7  pucam, dasami
8  Anusam, tuvataci, tirutiyai
9  kiruttikai, Magha, tirayotaci

Optimal Days to Operate
Surgery should be done during pregnancy. On the day of operation, the operation must be avoided.
Tuesday, Saturdays are strong and 8th place clean
Chutti Thitti, Thiruvadiyar.It is a combination of the nature, the star of the star of the Navam and there is a syllable through the orientation.
If the treatment is treated with the West, the disease can be avoided.

Are diseases affected by the stellar disease? How long it will take to heal
Such predictions also describe astrology.
Asvini is healed in 25 days.
Karthikeya will not be healed in 5 or 7 days and will be cured within 21 or 27 days.
Rohini: Healed in 8 or 11 days.
The animal is healed in 6 or 9 days.
Repeat bleeding in 13,15 or 27 days.
Fertilizer: Healed in 3 or 7 days.
Pooram: Healed in 7 days.
Uptime: 8 to 9 or 21 days.
Asthma: Healed on 7 or 20 days.
April 8 or 27,
Swady: healed on 10 or 45 days.
By: 10 or 27 days healed.
Full time: Healed in 6 or 9 days. Or may take 8-9 months.

Thiruvonam: There is a possibility of recovery in 8 days
It takes about a year to get rid of the disease.
Weight: 13 days to be healed.
Uthrattatti: In 14 days, the disease or suffering for many years will suffer.
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Revati: 8, 14 or 27 days.
We need to consider one thing from this. Only if we know the right star of the disease, the above benefit can be predicted. Ayilam, Bharani, Kattu, Pattatti, Visakam, Magam, Thiruvadiyar, Anusham Aiyya Eight
There are indications that the sickness that can occur in the stars may cause death in some of the star days. However, the Church has the power to defeat death. So the proper prayer can get rid of suffering.

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